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As you know, Dr. Birjis Chinoy from Allergy & Asthma Solution's is retiring and closing his medical practice effective November 1, 2018. Longevity Physician Specialists, the allergy, asthma, and immunology practice of Eric Schmitt, MD, is honored and privileged to have been personally selected by Dr. Chinoy to provide continuity of care for you. We have been caring for patients in Frisco, Coppell, and more recently Denton, for nearly as long as Dr. Chinoy has been in Frisco. We wish Dr. Chinoy only the best in prosperity and health as he retires from clinical practice, and we hope you will be able to trust and rely upon us to continue to provide outstanding care for you and your family's allergy and asthma needs.

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Frisco Allergy and Asthma Center for your allergy, asthma:

We are delighted to welcome you to Frisco Allergy and Asthma Center! The year 2018 marks a special time for us as we are proudly celebrating our 10th year offering care for the allergy, asthma, and immunology needs to our community. In order to expedite the transition of care for you, we will be offering some additional clinic hours in Frisco for the remainder of the year. Dr. Chinoy will be providing us with complete access to your previous electronic medical records, so you should not face any hassles or have to complete additional forms to transfer medical records upon joining our practice. If you have ongoing needs for frequent office visits, for allergy shots, for example, we will accept all of your unused and non-expired serum prepared for you by Dr. Chinoy to attempt to seamlessly continue your treatment. You should be able to continue with allergen immunotherapy at whichever of our three locations is most convenient for you.

Please contact our office staff to schedule an initial appointment at the main phone number:


We look forward to hearing from you. After November 1st, your calls to Allergy & Asthma Solutions to try to reach Dr. Chinoy at:


will be routed over to our clinic's phone system. Due to this expected rise in call volume, if you cannot speak with my staff promptly tly and are directed to voicemail or would prefer to simply contact us by email, feel free to email appointment requests or other questions to the office at:
Once again, we are humbled and honored that Dr. Chinoy entrusts y our treatment with our practice moving forward, and we hope to live up to his and your expectations of quality medical care.
Sincere regards,
Eric Schmitt, MD

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